The offensive manipulation of the Pittsburgh massacre

by Leah Rosenberg

Linda Sarsour and others on the far left do not disavow anti-semitism.  They also embrace anti-semites, as do most anti-Trump people on the far-left.  The most anti-semitic deal that was made in recent times was the Obama Iran nuclear deal. Iran has always been clear that they want to destroy Israel, and Obama allowed them to keep their nuclear threat alive to do just that.  President Trump is doing a great job taking us away from that horrible deal. The Pittsburgh massacre was also a clear act of anti-semitism.

Nothing President Trump Does is Good

Liz Wheeler is right on when she explains that the far left push against President Trump is nothing but automatic Trump-bashing.  There is absolutely nothing that President Trump can do that some on the left will praise.  Nothing.  He can help boost the economy according to all indicators, and on the one hand be told by Democrats that those indicators are all fake news, yet, on the other hand, be told by Obama that it’s because of his policies, that have only now taken effect.

The nuclear threat from North Korea can become neutralized or weakened, and again the left comes out saying that it’s poor policy from the Trump administration.

Everything Bad was Caused by President Trump

Mass caravans are giving our border problems?  Well, this must have only started because of the wall, they say.  A massacre in Pittsburgh by a man who screamed that he hated Jews?  Well, this must also have been caused by President Trump.  Liz Wheeler understands well that the knee-jerk anti-Trump reaction proves that it is not genuine.  It is just that – knee-jerk.

Setting Things Straight

Correct, it would be better if candidate and President Trump would have a clean mouth and a higher standard of speech when he talks about rivals.  He may be a caring person in some ways, but he clearly does not hold back with his words when he deals with rivals within his own party – let alone in rival parties.  There are far more diplomatic and unifying ways of speaking.  But, that is a far cry from turning him into all of the horrible things in the world, with the most obscene term of all, to call him like “Hitler”.  President Trump does not cause mass murders through his coarse speech.

He should be praised for coming out to Pittsburgh after the massacre.




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