Anti-Israel socialist gets slammed when he tries to spread lies about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Much of the world tries to spread lies about Israel. College campuses have been hit hard with the anti-Israel rhetoric that is overtaking young minds.

College Campuses

Students on college campuses have been brainwashed by their anti-Israel teachers as well as anti-Israel student organizations. They are so aggressive with their beliefs that many become brainwashed into believing the lies about Israel. These organizations use words like “justice” and “oppression,” and it sucks in the young minds. It pulls at their heartstrings. And because all they hear is negative talk about Israel, they don’t even search for the truth.

These college students often talk about how the people in Gaza are suffering. The problem is that they don’t even know what that means. Those who are suffering are suffering under the hands of a terrorist organization, Hamas. And those who are storming the border and trying to break into Israel are doing so to murder Israelis.

Many of these students have not even stepped foot into Israel. They speak as if they know the truth, when in fact, they know nothing.

Lies about Israel on the News

The anti-Israel rhetoric does not end on college campuses. Turn on the news and much of the mainstream media focuses on Israel. But they never focus on what terrorists are doing to Israelis. They never focus on the fact that Hamas terrorists are sending explosive balloons into Israel with toys attached so that innocent children will pick them up and be killed. The mainstream media rarely discusses the fact that “Palestinian” terrorists have stabbed Israelis while shopping in supermarkets.

No, the media will never focus on the truth.

They will never focus on the fact that Israel is just protecting itself and its civilians.

They only care to spread lies about Israel. And that is the truth.

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