Israeli ambassador to the UK explains Zionism perfectly

by Leah Rosenberg

What does it really mean when people are Zionists? It is not something evil like some of the world makes it out to be. And it really is so simple.

Zionists and Zionism

The Israeli ambassador to the UK Mark Regev explains what Zionism is. He says, “Zionism is simply the right of the Jewish people to national self-determination. We should all be proud to call ourselves Zionists.”

Anyone who says they are against Zionists are really against the Jewish people returning home to their homeland. Some of the world tries to separate the two and say “I am an anti-zionist but not an anti-semite.”

That is just foolish. The two are intertwined.

Why does the world not question any other nation and nationality that connects to its homeland? Why are only the Jews questioned regarding their national self-determination?

Do you see the double standard?

The Yearning to Return Home

Since the moment the Jewish people were exiled, they have never stopped yearning to return home. How can modern scholars today dictate what belongs to the Jews? Do they care about history? About the Bible? About God? And why do people believe such nonsense when thousands of years of history proves otherwise? It is all completely mind-boggling.

Additionally, The modern state of Israel is not even the first time Israel belonged to the Jewish people. God gave the Land of Israel to the Israelites, and it has never stopped belonging to them. Israel has not just belonged to the Jews for 70 years but rather much, much longer. Thousands of years longer.

And some people really want to argue with that?

Arab Incitement
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