King David’s musical legacy continues in Hebron but in a new way

by Leah Rosenberg

King David’s impact on the Jewish people is truly unique. His musical legacy still lives on today – although some things might be a bit different!

King David in Hebron

King David ruled in Hebron prior to making Jerusalem the capital of Israel. There is such rich Jewish history in Israel. Whether it is biblical, historical, or archeological, it is hard to sever the ties between the Jewish people and Israel. The world will keep trying, but the truth will prove them wrong.

The King with his Psalms and Harp

One of the ways King David connected with God was through music and Psalms. He cried out to God in times of trouble and also praised God with his music and words. He even used to play the harp!

It is fascinating to realize how connected a great king of Israel was to music.

Music really has the power to connect people to each other and to God in unbelievable ways.

And today, the Jewish people are still singing and dancing!

Jews Dancing in Hebron Today

Despite the contentious discussion surrounding Hebron today, the Jewish people have not given in to the world’s lies about their connection to Hebron. And they still sing and dance with all their hearts.

Is it not a beautiful image to see Jews dancing in the same city that King David used to sing and dance in thousands of years ago?

King David’s musical legacy as well as his legacy as a whole still lives on within Israel and the Jewish people.

Dr. Risch

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