Lifelong Democratic Rep. shocks his own party with call to vote for Trump 

by Leah Rosenberg

Why would someone who is a lifelong Democrat decide to vote for Trump? Georgia Dem. representative Vernon Jones gives his reasons.

Deciding to Vote for Trump

This is not a matter of opinion. Vernon Jones didn’t decide to vote for Trump because he likes him and that is all. He is not voting for Trump because of promises Trump made if he is reelected. Jones is voting for Trump because of the promises that he kept. He is voting for him because of all the positive things that Trump has done for America. And his list is long.

This has nothing to do with the fact that President Trump has been the best president for Israel and the Jewish people. The reality is that for America, he has achieved things that presidents before him never did. The Biden/Harris campaign want Americans to believe that Conservatives are racist and that the Democratic party, under their leadership. are the saviors for Black people and minorities. Vernon says that the exact opposite is true.

Leaving the Democratic Party

More and more former Democrats have been leaving the party. More have decided to vote for President Trump. Not only Blacks and Latinos, but people of all races and religions have realized the truth. And it’s about time.

What can you really respond to someone like Vernon Jones who has seen everything firsthand and knows the truth about the leadership of his own party? What can you really say to a U.S. Representative who received death threats for announcing he plans to vote for Trump? Jones brought the facts and the truth about Trump. You cannot argue with actual evidence about what the president has accomplished. Facts are facts. Truth is truth.

And sadly, many in the Democratic party have created a narrative that is completely untrue. They have pushed an agenda against President Trump based on misinformation.

And people are finally pushing back.

In the future, we need leaders like Vernon to succeed for pushing for change within the Democratic party leadership instead of feeling they have to leave the party totally. The American people deserve a two-party system where both parties respect one another and work together based on ideas and joint responsibility. Today’s Democratic leadership has strayed far away from those concepts and the American people, and the freedom-loving world, deserve better.

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