Turkey and Iran are Set To Shake The West

by Micha Gefen

Turkey’s leader President Erdogan is the most ambitious Middle East ruler. He has his eyes on regional hegemony in both the Middle East and Europe.

His detente with the Mullahs of Iran has afforded him the ability to drive the Kurds from Northern Syria as well as being able to solidify his control over the same area using Turkmen militias loyal to him.

Both Iran and Turkey share similar goals of conquering the world in the name of Islam. While Turkey is Sunni and Iran Shiite, their shared goals overlapping enemies makes their detente necessary in order to push outward under the banner of Islamic Totalitarianism.

This is why the current realignment with Israel being the fulcrum between Greece, Cyprus and the Sunni Gulf States is key in pushing back on the these two country’s expansion.

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