Former Democrat exposes the left in a way that no one else has done

by Leah Rosenberg

Meet Georgia. She grew up a Democrat all her life. Until one day, as an adult, things she had believed all her life as a Democrat just did not meet the test of reality. Her heartfelt video that she titled “I was wrong about the Democrat Party” is eye-opening for all.

It’s her life story that is extremely difficult to refute.

This is important to watch, not just to better understand what is going on in the USA, but this holds true for the left in Israel as well, regarding societal policy and regarding foreign policy, it is all interconnected.

Former Democrat Shares the Truth

What if someone controlled what you said and what you did? What if they also controlled the way you think? If they fed you constant lies? You could say you wouldn’t let them. But Georgia, a former Leftist, shares her story and tells you how they do it. She tells you how the Left controls the way people think without them even realizing. The brainwashing is a theme in this video, and it is horrifying to think about it.

People are afraid of the truth. Georgia is brave for putting all of this out there in such a public way. Who knows how many people wanted to “walk away” from the Democratic party but needed that extra push? Who knows how many people needed to hear the truth?

None of it Makes Sense

One of the takeaway messages from this video is that things on the Left just don’t make sense. They don’t add up.

The Left focuses on censoring Conservative opinions. The Democrats have been so focused on undoing everything good that America stands for that they do nothing positive for the American people. Everything they claim to fight for and stand up for, they don’t. Being open and accepting? Not even a little.

If only more people questioned what they are being fed. If only more people listened to other opinions and saw that Conservatives are not horrid people like the Left makes them out to be. That their ideas actually make sense. If only…

But until then, hopefully people like Georgia will continue to share the truth and not be afraid to question what they have been told for years.

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