BBC defends terrorist who murdered 15 Israelis

by Phil Schneider

Terrorists sometimes look like terrorists. And sometimes, they seem rather innocent-looking. What matters is not what they appear to be, but what they did. This terrorist had a direct hand in the suicide bomber who killed 15 people in downtown Jerusalem – in the Sbarro Pizza store bombing, back in 2001. Young children were killed, three from one family, teenagers, American citizens, and Israelis. They all would be alive today if it was not for this innocent- looking woman. But she is a monster, and she belongs in jail for life – as long as there is no death penalty that is legal.

However, not only is she no longer in prison – she was freed in a prisoner exchange. Israel has long made the strategic mistake of freeing hundreds of Arab prisoners with blood on their hands in order to bring back an Israeli captive. These heartwrenching decisions are so impossible to make. But they must be made with one thing in mind – saving Jewish lives.

The more prisoners that rot in jail after heinous acts, the less young terrorists are incentivized to do likewise. The true cost of these prisoner exchanges can never be gaged. Perhaps the most costly part is that young teenagers see how easy it is to get out of an Israeli prison. So, they are not scared of incarceration. This is a horrible situation that Israel must rectify. The strategic security of Israel can only be enhanced when the would-be terrorists are disincentivized sufficiently from getting up and committing atrocities.

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