Jewish Man Attacked in Brooklyn

by Phil Schneider

An Orthodox Jew was brutally beaten in Brooklyn by two assailants. Such attacks are becoming more and more common. We must stand united against blind hate and act now before it’s too late.

Some, like the organization, are even saying outright that New York is no longer safe for Jews. Whether one agrees or not, it is certainly not as safe to be a Jew in New York as it used to be. And this is coming from someone who grew up in New York City and lived there as a child and as an adult. It is not the same city, not for anyone, and definitely not for Jews.

What will the future bring for people who live in areas where Jew hatred is on the rise – in the US and outside of the US? It depends on the leadership of each City and State. If a State’s leadership chooses to focus on defunding the police and making sure that the proper amount of minorities are incorporated in the police force, then crime will increase, as will anti-semitism. But if the proper focus is on minimizing crime and increasing jail time for those who wreak havoc on the neighborhoods, then anti-semitism will also decrease.

New York City is one of the most problematic cities in the entire country. The city’s leadership has not treated the rioters like rioters, but as protesters. Many were indeed protesters. But once the rioters were treated like protesters who just got a bit out of hand, and not hoodlums who were hell-bent on sowing anarchy, the guard-rails were gone. Most of the stores on 5th avenue of the city were looted, and anti-semitism took a major step forward. The tourist industry was largely destroyed temporarily by the coronavirus. But, if things do not improve, the city will be known as a crime-ridden city where people are killed nearly every day, and millions of tourists every year will skip out on the city.

If we want to curb anti-semitism and keep it on the sidelines, we need to be on the side of law and order. Defunding the police will not just increase crime. It will increase anti-semitism.

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