Artifact from the First Temple period found by the Western Wall

by Leah Rosenberg

The First Temple Period was not hundreds of years ago, but thousands of years ago. Is it not amazing to have more proof of a Jewish Jerusalem?

From the First Temple Period

How can you not be amazed when there are archaeological discoveries from the First Temple period? There are so many fascinating things about each discovery. Every object is a story in itself.

It is irrational to reject these findings. It is not just one or two discoveries. There are constantly ancient discoveries being made in the holy Land of Israel that bring the Bible to life.

Reviving the Past

The Jewish people are a nation that live with their past. Jews have the same traditions as thousands of years ago. They believe in the same G-d, the same Land, and the same nation. Their forefathers are just as important to their religion as they were thousands of years ago. It is truly amazing.

They do not live IN their past, but they are constantly using the past to better the future. Their past is not something that goes away. In Israel, the past is always being revived because of the ancient history of the land.

It is revived spiritually and physically. You can literally touch ancient Israel with your own hands. There are no words to describe that!

How can anyone deny a nation that is so rooted in its past? How can anyone deny that the Land belongs to that nation when they have been intertwined for centuries upon centuries upon centuries? Generations, thousands of years.

People will keep denying, and Israel will keep discovering.

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