Dershowitz tells Trump what the only path to victory is

by Leah Rosenberg

Alan Dershowitz is not a Conservative. In fact, he is more of a Liberal lawyer, technically speaking. But he cares about the law.

Liberal Lawyer on Trump and Elections

Alan Dershowitz is very well known. Although his Liberal friends think he is too Conservative, he does not identify as a Republican. He is, in fact, a Liberal lawyer; part of the Democratic party.

But no matter who he wants to win any election, he wants it to be done according to the legal process. As should every American. He wants the Constitution to be upheld, as should every American.

Dershowitz knows what he is talking about. He is well aware of law, history, and current events. You might disagree with him, but he is speaking on the basis of facts and reality. He is speaking on the legal side – things of which people have never even heard about.

Elections are not simple. There are so many factors. But no matter what, the law has to be followed. The Constitution has to be protected. Dershowitz might be wrong about Trump losing or he might be right. But the point is, that whatever happens should be by the books. It should be legitimate. And if there is one message to take from all of this, it is that the law matters and must be protected. When it is not, law-abiding citizens have every right to challenge the situation.

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