Gaza Terrorists Shoot Missile At Israeli City, While Abbas Straddles The Fence

by David Mark

The Gazan leadership has not opted to join the circle of peace with UAE and Bahrain and instead slammed the Israeli city of Ashkelon with a rocket.

In response, the IDF attacked terrorist infrastructure and an ammunitions depot. While the region’s realignment has in a sense left the “Palestinians” behind, the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership in Gaza has taken the lead to foment the “Palestinian” response, leaving the PA leadership torn between their backers in the EU and the Mullahs in Iran.

With Hamas and Islamic Jihad trying to grab the attention of the “Palestinian,” Street the real fissure that the Trump administration intended to happen is occurring. “Palestinian” Arabs in Judea and Samaria have grown accustom to Israeli rule and while there are disagreements concerning local land usage issues, by and large the relationship works – especially since the Abbas clan and it’s kleptocratic control is kept at bay by the Gulf States’ money.

Ultimately, the Gulf States have latched themselves onto Israel as a defensive bulwark and economic key for the future. Abbas may not like it, but he and his clan’s survival as head “Palestinian” thugs of Area A and B in Judea and Samaria depend on his ability to fall in line – quickly.

Dr. Risch

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