Why remembering the Holocaust today is crucial for the entire world

by Leah Rosenberg

Remembering the Holocaust is not just a nice piece of advice. It is mandatory. It is essential for every single human in the world.

Remembering the Holocaust

There are so many reasons why remembering the Holocaust is important. We must keep the memories alive of those who perished. We must make sure that they did not die in vain.

We must make sure that “Never Again” means never again for the Jewish people being slaughtered as well as any other people being oppressed and subjected to the worse kinds of suffering.

And we must also understand that bystanders hold a lot of responsibility for what happened in the Holocaust as well as antisemitism and hate that happens today. As the EU Coordinator on combatting antisemitism said, “The Holocaust did not occur in a vacuum.” People knew. The concentration camps were in populated areas. Those living near Auschwitz could smell the burning Jewish bodies. Maybe some were too scared to speak up and speak out. Or they just didn’t care.

It happens today too. People are too scared to speak out against racism and antisemitism. People are afraid to speak the truth. And that’s what the EU coordinator is trying to point out. Hate is happening across the internet. Antisemites have discovered new ways to spread hate and propaganda against the Jewish people.

Social media is a scary place. It can be a place for good, but those without morals and values have used it as a place for evil.

And we must fight against that. We have seen the terrifying results of when evil isn’t stopped.

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