The promise of Never Again is happening ‘Again and Again’

by Leah Rosenberg

After the Holocaust, the world made the promise of Never Again. But have they kept their promise? Sadly, it seems like everyone forgot already.

The Promise of Never Again

After WWII and the murder of six million Jews as well as millions and millions of other people, the world made a promise of Never Again. No one wanted to see such destruction anymore. No one wanted to see a group of people targeted for merely existing and murdered in the most brutal of ways. No one wanted to be labeled an antisemite.

And now, just a few decades later, everything seems to have been forgotten. People are proud antisemites. Antisemites are proud to harass, attack, and murder Jews. And it keeps happening, again and again.

Attack After Attack

The list of antisemitic attacks has just been growing. From vandalism to murder, it seems never-ending. This video has a running list that seems impossible, yet it is true. It all happened. Murdering Jews at synagogue. Verbally assaulting Jews at supermarkets. How can the world just stand by and watch? How can they claim they are upholding the promises of Never Again when in fact they are not?

Antisemitism has become the norm, and it is extremely frightening. Let’s make sure nothing else gets added to the long list of antisemitic attacks.

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