Will antisemitism destroy the Jewish people? Think again.

by Leah Rosenberg

There have been far too many antisemitic attacks in history. And now the Jersey city shooting needs to be added to the list. But the Jews won’t be broken.

Jersey City Shooting

The Jersey City shooting on December 10, 2019 was tragic. Innocent Jews and non-Jews alike were killed. The murderers showed no mercy. They wanted to murder as many people as possible.

The attack took place right next to a Yeshiva school for young boys. It is believed that the murderers wanted to kill the children inside. Thank G-d they did not. The tragedy could have been even worse than it already was.

The Jewish People Won’t be Broken

Despite the attempts of nation after nation and group after group, the Jewish people will not be destroyed. They will not be defeated. They will not be broken. Antisemitism will not make the Jewish people disappear.

And this video is just one example. Despite the fact that Jews are being targeted and there is so much fear of the unknown, these Hassidic Jews are still dancing and singing. And they are teaching the children that as well. Everything is from G-d. The Jews are strong. And no matter what, they will continue to live and survive. They will continue to be a light unto the nations.

Dr. Risch

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