Learn Why The IDF Is The Most Moral Army

by Phil Schneider

The Israel Defense Forces is probably the Army with the most foreign newspapers watching nearly every move they make. It is completely unreasonable, but true, that so many foreign news outlets have a crew following and reporting on what Israel does to keep their borders safe. What is it that drives so many people around the world to follow what goes on in Israel?

God promised in the Bible that the Chosen People in the Chosen Land will one day become a light unto the nations. It seems that the groundwork for this is being created today by the massive amount of coverage in the Holy Land. Yes, much of the coverage in negative. But, any honest reporter will be forced to admit that the Israeli Army goes to extenuating circumstances to make sure that the least amount of “collateral damage” occurs when Israel works to guard it’s borders.

But, Israel has many enemies. And they are very experienced at pointing out any weak points in Israel’s image. But that doesn’t take away the reality that Israeli soldiers are the beacon of light in the backward Middle East. What other country takes in and treats wounded civilians and soldiers from their neighbor’s civil wars? Can you imagine Egypt taking in an Israeli soldier, treating them, and returning them to Israel. Is there another country that sends it’s medics and doctors around the world in order to save lives whenever there is a natural disaster?

Israel is already a light unto the nations. But, this is just the beginning. In the coming years, this will become much more clear to anyone who doesn’t shut their eyes.

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