Iranian Students Refuse to Trample Israeli and American Flags

by Phil Schneider

Students of Beheshti University in Tehran avoid walking on U.S. and Israeli flags painted at the entrance. They are giving a strong message from the masses of Iranian people that “you are not our enemy.” Very soon, we may see these students lead a counter revolution that will topple the present oppressive Iranian regime.

Watch how the masses react to the individuals who dare step on the flags! It is not surprising that no more than a handful of people seem willing to walk on flags of the United States and Israel. It is so easy to forget that the masses in Iran do not hold radical anti-American or anti-Israel attitudes. It is the Ayatollah leadership that controls the country that has not succeeded in turning the masses to their ideology, yet still controls nearly all of the levers of power.

Iran was once a Westernized, democratic-leaning dictatorship – well into the 70’s. But then, the revolution in 1979 was the major turning point that changed everything. Modernity was put aside for religious fervor and centralization. Shariah Law became the dominant law of the land. Iran and Iraq fought a bitter war. Satellite terrorist groups were heavily funded via Iran and wreaked havoc on Israel and other countries. All of this is reversible. But it will take a United States that is willing to stand up and defend brave protesters who are willing to risk their lives to topple the present regime.

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