Labour party leader’s communications chief praises Hamas “resistance”

by Leah Rosenberg

Jeremy Corbyn has portrayed too much anti-Semitism as leader of the Labour Party. His communications chief has even praised Hamas, a terrorist organization!

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of Britain’s Labour party. Corbyn and his party have been anti-Semitic in multiple occasions, and people have noticed. It’s terrifying that in 2018, a political party in Britain is portraying such anti-Semitism. Even more so, Corbyn’s communications chief supports Hamas! Hamas is a terrorist organization. That is obvious! And anyone who disagrees is anti-Semitic and anti all values that the West represents. Hamas praises blood, death, and the destruction of all Jews. And the Labour Party leader’s communications chief praises Hamas. Do you see the problem?

Praising Hamas “Resistance?”

Seumas Milne is Jeremy Corbyn’s communications chief. He is also the former senior editor of the Guardian. In a 2008-2009 war, Milne praised Hamas’ “resistance” at a demo in Hyde Park. If it wasn’t recorded on camera, you would have to assume it’s a lie. How can this be? That is anti-Semitism to the extreme! Not only did he reveal his true anti-Semitism, but praising a terrorist organization took it a step further. And he is the one who is the Labour party leader’s communications chief? That is absurd! It’s hard to listen to what he says and it almost seems like he must be confused.

But he’s not.

This is just the Labour Party’s anti-Semitic existence – in the year 2018. It seems like they forgot about the Holocaust, and all their supporters must have as well.

That is the frightening reality.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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