British Prime Minister just DESTROYED the Labour party for its anti-Semitism

by Leah Rosenberg

In response to an MP’s questions, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, slammed the Labour party for its anti-Semitism. She also defended Israel!

Anti-semitism is Racism

British MPs were given the floor to ask the Prime Minister questions.  They stood up to the test.

MP Helen Whately asked the Prime Minister, “31 member countries of The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance have an agreed definition of anti-Semitism. Does my right honorable friend agree that ALL political parties should adopt this definition and its examples without amendments or omissions?”

PM Theresa May agrees that all political parties should indeed adopt this definition. Furthermore, she calls out the Labour Party for wanting to change the definition of anti-Semitism. She said, “The Labour Party is trying to redefine anti-Semitism to allow people to say that Israel is a racist endeavor.”

The British Prime Minister loudly declared, “Anti-Semitism IS racism. The Labour party should accept that.”  This is a very important statement from a world leader.  Just because it is obvious does not mean that it is not necessary to say it loud and clear.

Why is it a Question?

It makes you wonder – why is the idea of anti-semitism even a question? The fact that people still discuss changing the definition of anti-Semitism is a very disturbing notion. It is shocking that the Labour Party is so enveloped in such hatred!  This seems like a political discussion that should not be relevant anymore.  It is very shocking that this is still possible in London in 2018.

Why is the Labour Party supportive of calling Israel a “racist endeavor?”   At least the British Prime Minister openly addresses the Labour Party for the anti-Semitic party that it is.

PM Theresa May isn’t afraid to say it like it is. She sees this as an example where enough is enough. The Labour Party simply has to stop its abhorrent anti-Semitism.

Will anyone else in the world call them out?


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