Kamala Harris Prepares To Take The Reigns Of Power from Biden

by Gavriel Dan

It has been widely assumed that President Biden not only will not run in 2024 when he will be 82 years old, but will most likely hand the reigns of power over to Kamala Harris, his Vice President, well before.

As it is, the administration is already called the Biden-Harris administration, which is something unprecedented in the history of the USA. This is because the President is supposed to be the sole authority on issues – especially those on foreign policy.

With every passing day, the media appears more and more ready to question the mental capacity of Joe Biden as well as his physical aptitude, both of which have been declining. All of this points to the real possibility that Harris may in fact assume office soon. In fact, this appears to have been the plan the entire time.

With China and Russia beginning to squeeze the US, one wonders how much jostling and political back stabbing the country can really take as it loses its grip on the world stage.

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