Joe Biden’s Presidency Came to a Collapse with this Incriminating New Statistic

by Phil Schneider

There are very few things that unify the American people more than an economy that begins to tank. That is exactly what is going on now. The inflation statistic is not something that will surprise nearly anybody. Almost every American goes shopping for food and fills their car with gas. It is plan to see for anyone that lives by any level of a budget that they have less money in their accounts at the end of the month.

But worse than the situation seems today is the general feeling that so many have that their is no real skipper at the helm of the ship. That is because the United States of America is being run by a committee of people that guide the aging Biden to make more and more woke-friendly decisions, no matter what the consequences are.

Well, now the United States of America has the Virginia gubernatorial election to learn from. But it seems that on the Democrat side, only James Carville alone seems to understand what is really going on. Yes, it is the economy stupid. It is actually more than just the economy. But the economy is the #1 issue. And when Americans – from Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, and other battleground states feel they have no serious leader at the helm, they will vote for a change.

November 2022 will not just see a major sweep to the right. It will feature a record number of Democrats who decide to NOT run for reelection when their internal polling tells them they have little chance of winning. That will lead 2023 and 2024 to be years of lack of progress and gridlock in Washington. Joe Biden will probably step down or be helped out of the Oval Office as he may not know how to get out on his own.

But that will leave the big question open about 2024. Will Donald Trump run again? At this point, all signs indicate yes. But in two years, much may occur to change that. Either way, Joe Biden’s days in the Oval Office are numbered. The damage control is already beginning in Virginia and will soon grow to the rest of the United States that wakes up from it’s bad dream of woke policies that lead to record setting levels of crime and inflation.

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