Jews blamed for their own murder in Jersey City

by Avi Abelow

This is hard to watch. Antisemitism in America is worse than we thought. Why are Jews blamed for the Jersey City shooting when they were the ones murdered?

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Jews Blamed in Jersey City Shooting

On December 10, 2019, two terrorists entered a Kosher supermarket and murdered innocent people. Moments before, they murdered Detective Joseph Seals at a cemetery nearby.

Two Jews were killed in cold blood as well as a store worker from Ecuador. It was a sick act of terrorism. These terrorists targeted the Jews. Pure antisemitism! And the murderers had planned to do more damage and kill more innocent people.

But what happened right after the attack made it even worse. Way worse. How were Jews blamed?

The Victims

Right after the shooting, while bodies were still laying in cold blood, people actually began to blame the Jews for their own murder. The Jews were the victims! It seems absurd and impossible. But then you hear it with your own ears. Can this really be true? How can anyone be so antisemitic and so filled with hatred as to blame the Jews for being targeted and murdered? While bodies still lay there! What a terribly tragic scene.

Antisemitism is getting worse and worse. Wake up, America!

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