Jersey City Mayor: A Greater Massacre was Averted in Jersey City

by Avi Abelow

A young child is seen running towards the store, and then escaping the last minute, with guns facing him (at the top of the video). This antisemitic attack was horrific but it could have been so much worse. 50 Jewish children were studying upstairs and their lives were spared only through an act of G-d. Details are still coming out, but Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop is quite confidant in publicly stating that the attack was motivated by anti-police and anti-Semitic hatred and that it was planned to be much more fatal.

“I feel 100 percent comfortable saying that it’s a hate crime and domestic terrorism and you know when more and more information comes out over the next few days I think it’s going to be very very apparent that had intent of murdering more than
three people. And had it not been for those officers responding immediately and pinning them inside that grocery store this would have been much worse.”

Dr. Risch

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