What President Trump needs to do to get reelected

by Gavriel Dan

Pollster Frank Luntz discusses what President Trump needs to do to get reelected with Ben Shapiro.

While it may seem that President Trump has the 2020 election “in the bag” do to the American economy doing very well, Trump is no ordinary President and despite the great economy he may lose.

Luntz tells Ben Shapiro that the President needs to tamp down his comments and focus on the great economy in the swing states that are at play.

“If he can focus on where the country is right now he will be reelected. If the focus is on him as a person I got to tell you I’ve talked to Republicans who will not give him another chance if thats what they are voting on,” Luntz says.

Shapiro adds:

“If the election is a referendum on the democratic candidate, then the democrats lose. If the election is a referendum on Trump personally then Trump loses.”

Ultimately, with a great economy, the election is Trump’s to lose.

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