Israel’s secret missions to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon

by Phil Schneider

It’s come to be expected. If Israel thinks that Iran is getting too close to completion of a nuclear bomb that would threaten the entire State of Israel and the Middle East, Israel will act. And “acting” does not merely mean quiet diplomacy. It means that Israel will do whatever it deems necessary to stop the threat. This resolve is 100% justified and is one of the main reasons that Benjamin Netanyahu keeps getting reelected in the State of Israel. He has convinced enough people that he will watch their back in the dangerous region.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Israel will not allow a nuclear threat from Iran on it’s doorstep. Iran under the Ayatollahs has made it clear countless times that it intends to wipe Israel off the map. There is no reason to assume that they do not mean to carry out these threats. A nuclear missile in the hands of the Ayatollahs is an existential threat to the entire State of Israel. Should Israel allow this threat to grow? No reasonable person would think so.

In 1962, the United States faced an unexpected threat from the Soviet Union when U-2 reconnaissance aircraft discovered that the Soviet Union had somehow managed to move nuclear missiles into Cuba – right at the doorstep of the United States. This threatened much more than the southeast of the United States. The threat extended to Washington D.C. and as high as New York and Chicago. Within minutes, the United States could see millions of people killed – if it did not neutralize the threat – immediately. Although there was a difference of opinion about how to get rid of the threat from Cuba, there was unanimity that the threat would absolutely need to be removed. In Israel today, the same basic idea stands. There is no controversy in Israel about the fact that Iran must not be allowed to build an existential threat right at the doorstep of the State of Israel.

JFK managed the Cuban Missile Crisis rather well – according to most historians. Netanyahu will likewise be judged favorably for what he has done for more than a decade to neutralize the threat to Israel and the entire Middle East.

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