An inside look at the mysterious world of Hasidic Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

Although the outside world sometimes looks negatively upon Hasidic Jews, here are some things you should know.

A Different Perspective on Hasidic Jews

Many people think that they know all about Hasidic Jews. But things are not always as they seem. The way the public portrays them, the way social media and news stations talk about them – it is not always accurate. Hasidim are not what people think they are. There are many sects of Hasidim – and they are all different.

It is important to see another person’s world before you make any assumptions. And even then, it is truly impossible to judge because you are not actually in their world. But maybe seeing where people come from can help others become more understanding and less critical.

Espeically when it comes to the various Orthodox communities, whether it be Hasidim or others, the world judges. The world assumes. But much of what the world assumes just isn’t true.

Built on Kindness

In this video, Shloime said something that the world should truly listen to. He said, “This community is completely built on kindness.” What a beautiful concept. The world should remember that. They should not focus on the negative parts of a community. No community is perfect.

Another thing he discusses is coming in with “an open mind” versus coming in with “an agenda.” You will come out hearing and seeing different things. And that is true for anything in life.

Next time someone says something negative about the entire Hasidic community, tell them about this video. There may be imperfections in this community. But what community doesn’t have flaws?

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