What happens when a non-Jew goes to a Hasidic synagogue in Brooklyn?

by Leah Rosenberg

Fighting antisemitism is not only the responsibility of Jews. Non-Jews can and should also help. And this non-Jew is definitely doing something positive!

Fighting Antisemitism with Jews

Meet Roy Germano. This is not the first time he has gone to the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn to help combat hate. It is amazing what he is trying to do. Roy believes learning about people and seeing where people come from can help eradicate some of the hatred from the world. We all have common ground. As antisemitism continues to grow, Germano is not just standing back and doing nothing. He is doing his part to help. He is doing his part in fighting antisemitism. And the Jewish community should be very thankful for that.

Visiting a Hasidic Synagogue

It is fascinating that a non-Jew decided to get a tour of the most famous Chabad Hasidic synagogue in the world, which is also the movement’s headquarters. He was interested. He wanted to learn more. And he definitely did learn more.

It really gives hope when you watch videos like this. It makes the Jewish community feel like people care. People share in the desire to fight hate; Jews and non-Jews alike.

So let’s all learn about each other. End the hate. Stop the antisemitism. Do not allow racism to persist. It’s just not worth it.

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