Head of WHO COVID-19 inquiry lied about her ties to China

by Leah Rosenberg

If you didn’t know how the WHO has undeniable connections to China, it has now all been revealed. Truly despicable.

Coronavirus Inquiry and the Who

The former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark cannot possible carry out an impartial investigation. Her ties with China and the WHO are unequivocal. The way she praised them. It is truly sickening. There is enough evidence about the role of WHO and China in the Coronavirus pandemic. People are suffering at the hands of China. The World Health Organization has done nothing. And Helen Clark is doing nothing to help investigate. She has been advised to step down.

WHO does not deserve to be defended, as Clark has so often done. How can she be trusted to run an impartial investigation when she has praised the WHO and China so often? Hillel Neuer, Executive director of UN Watch, gave tangible examples about Helen Clark and how she has lied about her connection to China. Clark claims that she has NO ties at all. And that is just so, so untrue.

How can we expect her to be critical and honest in an investigation? The answer is that we can’t. COVID-19 has not just affected one or two countries. The entire world has suffered. The least Helen Clark can do is be honest.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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