Watch Biden spill the secret deal he made with Obama

by Leah Rosenberg

Was Biden supposed to say that out loud? Well, it’s too late now if he wasn’t. He did. On TV. But Americans will ignore how wrong it seems.

Who’s Pulling the Strings – Biden, Kamala, Obama?

Joe Biden opened up a can of worms here. He is talking about a conversation he had with Barak Obama that sounds like a “deal” regarding Kamala. If this is what it sounds like it is, then Obama is the one pulling the strings behind either a Biden or Harris presidency. There is definitely something “not kosher” going on here. Will Americans just shrug it off? This is dishonesty. This is unlawful, might we even say criminal? Nothing seems right about a Biden presidency. The fraudulent votes, the fact that the potential Democratic president seems to be saying many things he shouldn’t and not saying the things that he should.

It is frightening the way the Democrats have pushed Joe Biden to be front and center while really having others make all the decisions and control what he does. He said, “I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.” Was he aware he said that? Did he mean to?

It seems that Americans hate President Trump so much that they don’t even care who they are trying to vote in instead. They have no legitimate reason to hate Trump, aside from the fact that they don’t like his style. But in terms of his policies, they do not even know his policies. And clearly, they do not even know Joe Biden either.

What is going to be? What type of frightening future lies ahead? It is definitely not looking so bright. It looks like a future based on lies, dishonesty, and unlawfulness. And that should not be a future that any American wants.

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