IDF Border Police Attacked In Northern Jerusalem Followed By A Terrorist Attack At A Nearby Checkpoint

by Micha Gefen

Northern Jerusalem was the scene today of an attack on IDF Border Police and an attempted stabbing at the Kalandia checkpoint.

Kalandia and the surrounding area of North Jerusalem buttresses Ramallah and has a dense population of aggravated Arabs living in close quarters. This morning, a patrol of six border police from the IDF came under rock attack in the winding streets and alleyways of Northern Jerusalem.

The six border policemen were hit by rocks hurled from the top of the building. Once under attack the border policemen fired back. According to the Palestinian Authority four of the rioters were evacuated to Ramallah for treatment.

In a separate incident, soldiers neutralized a “Palestinian” Arab attacker at the Kalandia checkpoint after he attempted to stab soldiers.

Northern Jerusalem, like “Eastern” Jerusalem was liberated during the Six Day war in 1967. Unfortunately, these areas have seen very little development over the years, allowing lawlessness and extremism to penetrate the neighborhoods.

Daniel Luria, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim, an Urban Pioneering organization focused on acquiring former Jewish property in these neighborhoods in an attempt to revitalize them said the following on today’s attack:

“Once again – Moslem extremism and Arab intransigence has reared its ugly head. Yet another stone attack (stones can kill) by hate filled Arabs  – this time at Border Patrol Police in Kalandiya.”

“Sadly – our own Ateret Cohanim families in the old Yemenite Village of Shiloach (Silwan) have been the victims to thousands of such attacks (including molotov cocktails) over the last few years.But it has only strengthened our resolve and commitment. The more attacks, has only meant – more families have settled and today live in the area. Safety is with numbers. The more Jewish families simply translates to greater sovereignty and then greater security.”

“Simply said – Parts of the Arab world, haven’t yet internalized the fortitude or resilience of Am Yisrael and nor do they realize that we will not be driven from Jerusalem or Israel, by stones, sticks, firebombs or hatred. We are here to stay.”

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