Christian Zionist gives the greatest response after being told she’s an antisemite

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s shameful when Jews themselves neglect their own people and their own history. This Christian Zionist had the perfect response.

Christian Zionist Gets Called an Antisemite

Virag Gulyas is a Christian Zionist and a good friend to the Jewish people. It is truly absurd that anyone would call her antisemitic. But then again, IfNotNow IS an absurd organization. That organization is truly antisemitic. They are self-hating Jews who do not know their people’s history. That group has no concept of what real social justice is. And it is sad.

It is sad that people who are part of that group, people like Ariel Gold, neglect their people’s history. They neglect the truth. Virag Gulyas understands more about Israel and Jewish history than Gold does. Gulyas knows more about human rights and social justice than Gold does. Isn’t it terrible that there are Jewish people who cannot defend their own? Who mourn the death of terrorists instead of condemning them and crying for the ones the terrorists murdered?

IfNotNow claims to stand up for social justice, but they stomp upon everything it really means. It is unjust to pray for dead terrorists. And it is also unjust to claim that a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people is an antisemite.

Arab Incitement
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