Israel’s geography shows just how G-dly the state really is

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow, the geography of Israel is truly spectacular. How can you look at the layout of the land and not see G-d?

The Magical Geography of Israel

You would really not believe that in the same state, you can have desert and you can have snow. You wouldn’t believe that within the geography of Israel lies such beauty of different types. It is truly fascinating and magical.

There is life of all types throughout the nature of Israel – animal life, plant life, and more. There is diversity.

Just because Israel’s south is filled with desert, somehow, certain plants still flourish in that area! The fact that many endangered animals live in Israel’s south shows how magical it really is.

Of course, Israel is not a perfect country. But it is important to see the good. And Israel definitely has a lot of good to offer.

The Rich History

The thing is, the land of Israel does not just have physical beauty. The spiritual beauty is indescribable. The way the Bible comes to life. The way history is spread throughout the land. There is so much significance throughout all of the beauty. Israel is an ancient land. The current state of Israel might be modern, but it has blended with the ancient. There is modern beauty and historic splendor. After all, Israel is G-d’s chosen land! You can expect that it will be magnificent.

Hikes and tours in Israel are not just hikes and tours. They are infused with meaning. They are fulfilling. Every step is fulfilling.


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