Exposed footage: Louis Farrakhan wished death upon Americans

by Avi Abelow

Louis Farrakhan gets worse and worse. His antisemitism, racism, and anti-American ideology is sickening. How can he say such a thing here?

Louis Farrakhan’s Horrifying Comments

How can a man be so evil as to say he asked G-d for a disease to spread throughout a state? Louis Farrakhan is one of the worst. And the reasoning behind his “wish” to G-d to spread Coronavirus throughout Florida just shows how anti-American he is. He has made it clear that he wants to destroy America.

And then he goes on to act as if he has a special connection with G-d that no one else has. He acts as if G-d has made him a prophet – this evil, evil man.

If only this was the one piece of footage of Louis Farrakhan saying something evil. Farrakhan is notorious for his antisemitism and his anti-American sentiment. He has called Jews the worst of the worst. And he has been supported, sadly, by many Democratic politicians.

Farrakhan should not even be living in America if he hates it so much! This man represents pure evil. And whoever supports him is supporting evil. He must be condemned. The question is, will those who have supported him in the past wake up to the truth?


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