Greece and Israel Continue To Strengthen Their Partnership

by Micha Gefen

In a fast changing world, Israel is quickly working to shore up to burgeoning partnerships.

Israel and the Sunni-Arab states may be the more interesting partnership spoken about in the news, but the growing East Med Alliance between Greece, Israel, and Cyprus is just as crucial for Jerusalem’s long term plans to grow independent of the big powers.

The Greek foreign minister came to Israel to sign a new tourism agreement. However, the latest agreement was just a mere vehicle for pushing forward the bilateral ties that have been able to block out Turkey’s advance on the Eastern shores of the Levant as well as the countless islands between Greece and Turkey.

With Greece/Cyprus facing similar threats in relation to an expanding Turkey and Israel facing this plus growing Iranian hegemony, it is not a surprise that Greece and Cyprus are willing to sign onto the new partnership between the Sunni Gulf States, Israel and India.

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