The comedic sketch that nails it on how the Left views the world

by Phil Schneider

The radical leftism that has surged in recent years is indeed rather ridiculous. It is very fitting that comedy and satire is used to try to explain the illogical. But it is indeed a sad statement on the United States today that so much of this sketch does indeed reflect the views of so many.

From where does the guilt originate that radical leftists are preoccupied with? It seems that part of it comes from the enormous wealth that some in the world have been born into. Those who work hard to earn their wealth are often less filled with guilt feelings about the source of their wealth. But that only explains part of it. There is also a vast amount of ignorance about the history of the Western Civilization that we live in. But more than anything else, there seems to be a genuine intention for goodness that some radical leftists are imbued with.

But the idea of equality of outcome – that sounds so equitable – is actually the beginning of totalitarianism. What is often overlooked is that many of those who subscribed to so many other totalitarian ideas in previous decades also thought that they were actually on the path to improving the world. This is what must be explained to the young and confused leftists. Any time that a government devotes it’s resources to equalizing the playing field, that’s all good. But, when a government moves to enforce the end result, they are basically just destroying the playing field and dominating people’s lives.

Today, we can laugh about it. But in truth, these are real issues, and no laughing matter.

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