Holocaust survivor & Health Rights Advocate Speaks Out

by Leah Rosenberg

This Holocaust survivor has a unique perspective about what we are experiencing today with Covid-19.

Meet Vera Sharav, one of the most effective and passionate advocates for the rights of medical research subjects in the US.

Holocaust Survivor Gives Unique Perspective

Vera Sharav is a Holocaust survivor who has dedicated her life to fighting for medical rights for children against the manipulations of the medical world.

Sharav has exposed experiments testing HIV drugs on toddlers in New York’s foster care system and helped scuttle government research that would have paid low-income Florida families $970 to test their children’s exposure to household pesticides.

She helped pressure the National Institutes of Mental Health to rewrite protocols on dozens of psychiatric studies to better protect patients. And her relentless advocacy was key to forcing US drug regulators to warn about the suicide risk that antidepressants pose to teenagers.

She now is warning people about the similarities between today’s partnership between government and medicine with what she lived through in Nazi Germany. It sounds frightening, and most of us do not even want to think of such comparisons. But if a Holocaust survivor who was separated from her parents at such a young age is sharing these thoughts, then it is important to listen to her.

Sharav argues that maybe the authorities are not always right. When people blindly follow without questioning what is right, then everything can go downhill. Should the individual have to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the whole? Is that even considered good for the whole? Sharav believes it is crossing a line to put individuals in such a situation where they have no choice on how to live, like what is being done throughout the world with COVID-19 rules and lockdowns.

Whether one agrees or disagree with her perspective, it is definitely unique and important to hear. She is speaking from her experiences, growing up and seeing the way Nazi Germany manipulated German citizens lives as well as from a life dedicated to fighting a history of abuse by the medical establishment.

Part Two of Interview with Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav

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