The World You Knew Is No Longer Around

by Micha Gefen

As the global elite continue to make their move in implementing the Great Reset, the common person suffers under the constant stream of lockdowns, business closures, and the biggest transference of money and power to the elite from the middle class in history.

In a short time we have experienced a transition to a new world. Global powers want us to believe this is for our own good and for the good for the planet – specifically in combatting “Climate Change.”

Yet, it is obvious that this shift is all about taking control using the coronavirus as a foil. The “Great Reset,” coronavirus, and the current authoritarian power grab is Orwellian and frighteningly appears to be impossible to defeat. However, if we are going to have a shot at pushing back against the elites move to take our rights – it starts with awareness and knowledge.

It is time fight back with information and start waking up the masses.

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