Israelis Celebrate Passover Seder Quarantine Style all Together

by Avi Abelow

Even though the whole country was on lockdown for the Passover holiday, Israelis across Israel went out to their porches at exactly 8:30pm to sing the traditional 4 questions of Passover together, so that nobody would be alone this Passover.

This community had another method of all celebrating together, even though everyone was alone in their homes.

My own people, the Jewish people, never cease to amaze me. We are a people with such strength and resilience, taking even the worst moments and turning lemons into lemonade.

The first night of Passover is known as the night where families spend the traditional seder meal together. Yet, this Passover, with the whole country of Israel in coronavirus lockdown, we had to all celebrate separately in our own homes. Parents, children, grandparents who usually celebrate together all had to celebrate in their own homes. Single people, divorced, widows etc. all had to celebrate alone.

Yet, as the above videos show, even in these times of having to celebrate seperately we still managed to come together and celebrate together as a people, unfying our people and our country like never before.

Martin Sherman - Bennett
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