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As Passover Approaches – Israel Makes A Coronavirus Breakthrough


Israel moves into a full lockdown just as the Jewish holiday of Passover is about to enter. With the cities and towns under full curfew and the government still not formed, many people have wondered how Passover could really be spent nearly alone.

However, with all the panic an bleakness around the world, Israeli scientists have made great strides in isolating effective treatments for the coronavirus and getting closer to an effective vaccine.

Of course, getting this out to the general public may take a while, but these days Israel like the rest of the world needs hope and and light.

Dr. Natalia Freund of Tel Aviv University has had a tremendous breakthrough in getting to a real coronavirus treatment – one that can be used around the world. By harnessing blood samples of recovered Israelis, she and her team have successfully pushed forward in their work.

While Passover may be a bit lonely this year, there appears to be light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Watch Dr. Freund’s full presentation below.