Coronavirus – The Spark That Starts The Next World War

by David Mark

Even as the death toll keeps rising across Western Europe and North America, the Western world has pointed its fingers at the Chinese Communist Regime in China as the main culprit behind the start and spread of the virus. This video touches upon the issue, but it sidesteps placing the blame on China. Western media is still not willing to tell that full story.

While most mainstream sources do not believe that China purposely created a bioweapon, many news outlets and official government organs in Europe and the USA are beginning to suspect that the origin of the virus is most likely from the Wuhan bio lab and not wet market that was down the street.

Why is this important? In the early weeks of the virus’s outbreak the Chinese regime refused to allow WHO inspectors in Wuhan. The CDC also wanted access, but was refused. Meanwhile, the Chinese already had let five million migrant workers in the Ubey province where Wuhan is located spread out to other parts of the country and even leave.

We now know the official number of Chinese dead was far higher than initially reported.

Once again, China did not create this virus to use as a weapon. However, once it was let out by accident, the regime created a perfect storm that has now turned into a massive biological and economic “weapon.” This “weapon” is being used against the very countries that had taken the first steps away from the Chinese regime’s economic stranglehold on global supply lines.

As the carnage that COVID-19 continues to wreck on the world eventually subsides, the USA and its allies in the Western World will begin to shift gears into finally confronting the Chinese Communist Regime’s belligerent posture, as well as the slave labor economic engine it uses. Ironically, it is the very culture of these countries that have been built using Chinese supply lines that will have to change in order to take on and defeat the Chinese Communist Regime.

Motivation for Terror
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