Netanyahu Announces Israel Going on Lockdown for the Passover Holiday

by Avi Abelow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tonight just announced that Israel is going on lockdown for the next few days, as we begin our Passover holiday.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that starting tomorrow Israeli’s will not be allowed to leave their cities or towns until Friday in order to stop people from traveling to family or friends for the Passover holiday, and potentially spread the virus. Even more than that, Israelis will not be allowed to leave their homes at all from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning. Why? Because Wednesday evening is the night of family dinners for the traditional Passover Seder. Traditionally, Israeli families get together, from all over the country, in large groups to celebrate the Passover holiday. More than for any other holiday celebration.

Knowing how hard it will be for some families to not get together, the government introduced these new very strict guidelines just for the evening of the Passover Seder, to be enforced by law enforcement, to make sure we all follow these new temporary lockdown guidelines, to stop the potential spread of the virus.

This is the harsh reality we are living with as we bring in our Passover holiday in Israel.

On that note, I want to wish everyone a Happy Passover! This year, with all the hardship, a happy Passover is staying home, to stay healthy and to prevent others from getting sick.

We all look forward to returning to enjoy our lives in freedom, as the Passover holiday symbolizes after we get through this coronavirus pandemic.

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