Are you serious?? The mainstream media said what?! (old but relevant)

by Phil Schneider

This ancient video is just as relevant today as when it was filmed years ago. The biggest problems in the United States today are ertainly the coronavirus epidemic. But, before and after the Coroavirus epidemic ebbs away, we need to note that illegal immigrants are a walking time bomb in the United States. And, yes, even Barack Obama understood this – despite what others may claim.

The illegal immigration issue is not a new issue. It existed before the Obama administration, and will continue far past the Trump administration. It should be a rather bi-partisan issue. But Democrats know well that the bulk of illegal immigrants are a gradually evolving electorate that tends to vote Democrat.

What should be done? One of the goals should be to ring more law and order into a chaotic issue. But, a secondary goal should be to work towards as much bi-partisanship on the issue as possible. Yes, even some Democrats understand that there are elements that are more destructive than constructive. We need to be vigilant and not let this issue disappear because of the coronavirus pandemic. It will not just go away.

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