Israeli Tech Makes Something That Is Life Changing

by Phil Schneider

The State of Israel is at the forefront of technology that improves life in so many ways. Waze is an Israeli invention that saves hundreds of millions of people time every day of the year. Israeli bio-tech inventions have helped wounded soldiers and others with a handicap to walk around. But this new invention may help a small, yet fast growing segment of the world – the motorcycle and motorized scooter population.

Nearly every day, another person in Israel is seriously hurt or worse, driving a motorcycle through traffic. Any congested city naturally will see an uptick in motorcycle riders. Today, in cities like Tel-Aviv, motorized scooters are increasing more than nearly any other mode of transportation. It is natural that in Israel, a hi-tech company would develop a 3D warning system that fits on the helmet of a motorcycle driver in order to avoid potential accidents. This is a major development that any person who has ever had a close call with a motorcycle can attest to.

Bu in truth, more is needed than this invention. What is also needed are stricter rules against motorcycle drivers who drive in the middle of cars sitting in traffic. Most of the close calls happen when motorcycle drivers whiz in between slowly driving cars. As far as I know, there are no laws that dictate this specific situation. But this is the situation that must be dealt with.

An example of a rule that could make an impact is a 30 mph rule that says that no motorcycle can drive faster than 30 mph through cars sitting in traffic. Alternatively, this new technology could be encouraged as a method to reduce motorcycle insurance. Anything that saves lives on the order of magnitude of hundreds per year should be a top priority.

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