Ben Shapiro Rails On Fox News’ Pro-Trans Agenda

by Phil Schneider

This human interest story clearly set off Ben Shapiro on quite a tirade, and for good reason. Shapiro took apart this story which seems so innocent. After all, this little girl seemingly decided to be a boy at a very young age. Right? Wrong.

Gender misalignment is now a strong phrase that is being used to propagandize the transgender movement. Shapiro points out that the mainstream conservative outlets are now buying into the insanity.

Ryland was a 6 year old “trans” celebrity in 2014, who is now a 14 year old. Bryan Llenas of Fox News was the reporter for this piece and Ben Shapiro believes firmly that this is a major red line that Fox News has just crossed. A strong terms used by many is “conversion therapy.” That is not a simple statement. The key is that Fox News is supporting this crazy stuff like puberty blockers.

Again, the idea of homosexuality is not what is so controversial. But the idea of promotion of the idea of transgenderism and open support of changing gender is one that sets off many like Ben Shapiro to describe it as insanity. Has the gay pride movement gone completely off the rails?

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