Israel reaches out to Brazil after devastating Amazon fires

by Leah Rosenberg

Devastating Amazon fires hit Brazil. And Israel extended a hand to help Brazil. Would you really want to boycott a country that helps out the entire world?

The Devastating Amazon Fires

Disaster hit Brazil last January when a dam collapsed. And Israel sent emergency aid. And now, too, when devastating Amazon fires struck the country, Israel offered help. Why? Because that is the type of country Israel is. They care about the environment. They help those who need it – not only Jews, but people of all cultures and nationalities throughout the world.

Israel is not a country that discriminates. They try to make the world a better place in whatever ways they can. Israel is advanced in many areas, and they are willing to share those developments with the world.

Why Would You Boycott Israel?

It is so foolish for people to boycott Israel. They are truly missing out on all the good Israel has to offer. And the funny thing is, Israel boycotters THINK they are boycotting Israel, but in reality, it is hard to fully divest from the Jewish state. Because what people do not realize is that Israel has made its mark on many areas – medical, technology in phones and computer, farming technology, and more. So, good luck to those who try to get rid of anything Israel has produced. It is quite impossible to succeed…

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