Woman used as human shield in ‘70s exposes Hamas propaganda

by Phil Schneider

The Hamas is a new-old organization that adheres to an ideology of destruction of the State of Israel – at the expense of its own civilians. It is an organization that has come up with multiple forms of using human shields. The latest method has been using hospitals as buildings to hide weapons caches and missile stockpiles.

How Do You Deal With 1 Million Plus People Who Want to Destroy Your Country?

The Gaza Strip has been a hotbed of anti-Israel activity for many decades. Between 1948 and 1967, the Gaza Strip was not part of the State of Israel. It was occupied by the Egyptian government after the War of Independence in 1948. Israel came out victorious – but at a steep price of more than 6,000 lives. But the Gaza Strip was occupied by the Egyptian Army and treated as an adopted child. Most of the Arabs who lived there lived in refugee camps in subpar conditions. The area turned into an excellent breeding ground for terrorists who could use their proximity to the State of Israel as an easy jump-off place to attack the young Jewish State. This continued till 1967. But, when Israel struck back and destroyed the terrorist infrastructure in the area, this led to a quiet time in the area for a few years.

Israel decided that it needed to have Jewish towns in the area of Gaza City in order to maintain the security in the region. This worked well for a while. But, in the late 80’s, the intifada anti-Israel movement spread throughout the Gaza Strip in addition to Judea and Samaria. The Arab population has allegedly swelled to more than 1.5 million Arabs in Gaza City and it’s suburbs. This number may be an exaggeration. But either way, it is a massive population that has never accepted the State of Israel. But since 2005, the State of Israel unilaterally walked away from the area and allowed the Arabs in the Gaza Strip to run their own lives. This has led to one thing – a massive escalation of terror attacks against the State of Israel. The Arabs in Gaza City now stockpile missiles by the thousands and have built up a terrorist infrastructure to wreak havoc on more than 1/3 of the entire State of Israel. Things have never been great in the Gaza Strip. But they were much better when the Israeli Army was in charge of the area than now.

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