Brazil face disaster as dam collapses, Israel sends life saving help

by Leah Rosenberg

A terrible tragedy has happened in Brazil. When a dam collapses and there is a huge flow of mud, the situation can be dire.

This above video is from ongoing rescue operations already taking place in Brazil. It is such a horrific scene. It is hard to look at.

Israelis are now on their way to add in the rescue effort.

Dam Collapses in Brazil

200 people are missing because of a dam collapse in Brazil. There are already deaths and will most likely be more. This is such a tragedy! Can lives be saved? Who will be there to help?

In situations like these, Israel always seems to be there.

Israel Sends Delegation to Brazil

Israel is truly a light unto the nations. They never sit back and watch others suffer without trying to help. It is not in their blood to do that. They are always one of the firsts if not the first to send aid and resources to help in tragedy. And this tragedy in Brazil is no different. Israel has sent a life-saving delegation.

This is the true face of Israel. It is the Israel that is willing to go above and beyond to help those in need. And hopefully, more people will see that.

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