When disaster strikes worldwide, this Israeli medical unit is the first on the scene

by Leah Rosenberg

The world has been hit hard with many disasters including earthquakes, typhoons, volcanos, and more. And Israel’s special IDF unit is always there to help.


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is a special army. Not only do they protect Israel’s borders, but they are really fighting everyone’s fight. They fight terrorism. The IDF fights for what is moral and right in this world, and they are willing to defend and protect even those who are not Israeli.

But aside from fighting wars and terrorism, the IDF also has a special unit that responds first to disasters all over the world.

This Israeli medical unit has saved countless lives.

The Israeli Medical Unit

Israel acts when people are suffering worldwide.

Earthquake in Haiti, 2010.

Typhoon in the Philippines, 2013.

Earthquake in Nepal, 2015.

Israel sent aid and a medical unit to all those places. And more.

One woman even named her baby Israel after the life-saving Israeli aid. Can you imagine having a baby in a field hospital after a disaster? But she was grateful that she was saved.

Israel is really saving the world in so many ways.

And How Does the World Respond?

After hearing about all the incredible things Israel does, is it not absurd to claim Israel is evil? To claim Israel oppresses “Palestinians” and others?

Israel is a shining light.

They are not a perfect country, but they strive to do good. And the world cannot claim that about many other countries – especially in the Middle East.

Show the world the true face of Israel.

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