King Hezekiah’s personal seal found in unprecedented discovery

by Leah Rosenberg

King Hezekiah lived around 2,800 years ago.  At the archaeological digs right outside the Temple Mount, in the City of David, a seal that he used was just found.  It almost seems like the sky is the limit when it comes to archaeological discoveries in Jerusalem.

Every few months, it seems like another earth-shattering discovery is made in Jerusalem.  Lets just keep digging.  The entire puzzle of the Bible is starting to be proven coin by coin and artifact by artifact.

The Seal of the King

Why is it so important to find a seal that says, “From Hezekiah the son of Achaz, King of Judea.”  The issue is that this seal is so clearly something that was used by Hezekiah.  He was not just another name in the Bible.  He was a central personality – the King – and a good one at that.  The Biblical narratives from 2,800 years ago can now be held in one’s hand in the form of a seal that the King himself used.

The Kings of Israel

There were many kings of Israel.  But the first King was Saul.  After Saul, the next King was David who established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, 3,000 years before Donald Trump.  Then came King Solomon, the wisest of all men, and he built the First Temple in Jerusalem.  But from there onward, the Kings often did not follow God and often followed false Gods.  There were lots of ups and downs in that time period.  Ultimately, the Temple was destroyed by the Babylonian Empire around 400 years after it was built.  A mere 70 years later, the 2nd Temple was built.  It too lasted around 400 years – until the Roman Empire destroyed it.

Our past inspires our future.  There are so many reasons to believe in the truth of the Bible.  But archaeological evidence is the most evolving reason of them all.  It gets stronger all of the time.


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