Netanyahu Exposes Northern Tunnel Threat to Foreign Ambassadors

by Avi Abelow

PM Netanyahu met with foreign ambassadors in Israel’s Northern border with Lebanon, near where IDF Units are working to expose and neutralize the tunnels.

This Is It

The ceasefire after the last Lebanon war in 2006 included the creation of UNIFIL.  UNIFIL is a United Nations force set up to stop the armament and aggression of Hezbollah on Israel’s Northern border. Under the watchful eyes of the United Nations UNIFIL forces, Hezbollah amassed over 130,000 rockets and built underground terror tunnels. The world turned a blind eye to this buildup.  Nearly all of it was financed by Iran. How is Israel supposed to trust the United Nations or foreign nations? We can’t. In addition, today the United Nations failed to condemn Hamas, an internationally recognized terror organization.

America’s Best Interest

Finally, Israel has a US President who understands Israel’s situation and believes that it is in America’s best interest for Israel to be safe. One might understand that everything Israeli PM Netanyahu and the IDF do is to show the world that they created the problem of Hezbollah, and if they don’t deal with it now they shouldn’t stop Israel from dealing with it once and for all. Obviously, there is now US agreement for Israel to do what will be necessary to stop Hezbollah. What we see now are the beginning strategic steps.  But this is the prelude to the storm that will come. The United Nations allowed Iran to build up Hezbollah on Israel’s border.  Since it was against international law, Israel will hopefully finally have the free hand, with US approval, to destroy it.

Netanyahu Briefs Ambassadors

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this morning (Thursday, 6 December 2018), met with foreign ambassadors in the north, close to the IDF units that are working to expose and neutralize the tunnels. He updated them on Operation Northern Shield and Hezbollah’s intentions to use the tunnels against Israel. The Prime Minister emphasized that the Hezbollah tunnels are only one expression of Iran’s aggression in the region.

He asked the ambassadors to condemn the violation of Israeli sovereignty and join in the demand to impose increased sanctions on Hezbollah.

The ambassadors were briefed by GOC Northern Command Maj. Gen. Yoav Strick and GOC Planning Maj. Gen. Amir Abulafia, and toured the area of the exposed tunnel.

Just the Beginning

“We are systematically and decisively denying our enemies the tunnels weapon. We are doing this with Hamas, and with Hezbollah and we will do whatever is necessary.

Whoever attacks us – is taking his life into his hands. Hezbollah knows this and so does Hamas.

I told the ambassadors that they need to unequivocally condemn this aggression against us by Iran, by Hezbollah and by Hamas, and – of course – to also strengthen the sanctions against these elements.

This operation is just beginning but in the end, the tunnels weapon, in which Hezbollah has invested so much, will not exist and will not be effective.”

Sanctions and More

“Israel expects an unequivocal condemnation of Hezbollah.  The imposition of additional sanctions on Iran, a condemnation from the Lebanese government and a demand that it stop giving its approval for the use of its territory for these attacks against Israel. All of this will come up at the upcoming meeting of the UN Security Council which Israel has demanded. This is an important political and diplomatic step that complements our operational and engineering effort to deny Hezbollah and Iran the tunnels weapon.”

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